Patrick Oscity

Software Craftsman


Here are some of the projects that I have been working on in the past. The list includes client work, university projects and open source projects that I have started. The tags to the right denote which part of the projects I have contributed to.

Thibaut Henz

Mar 2014 ruby rails heroku s3

Website for Weimar-based photographer Thibaut Henz (www.thibauthenz.com). The page was made using Ruby on Rails, which allowed for a very simple admin interface that is custom-tailored for Thibaut’s needs. For example, he can now choose a different foreground and background color for every series himself. That way, the page adapts... Read more »


Nov 2012 ruby sinatra open-source

Shrl, which is short for “short url”, is a simple URL shortener I have written. The problem with commercial services such as bit.ly is that you never know how long they will be around; suddenly, your shortened links might all be pointing nowhere! So I decided to roll my own... Read more »


Oct 2012 iphone-app ruby design bauhaus-uni-weimar

The iPhone app Rx/Tx is part of my bachelor thesis in Computer Science and Media. It allows users to receive (Rx) and Transmit (Tx) arbitrary files. This is acheived by converting the data into sound on one side and playing it back through the internal speaker. The receiver can then... Read more »

Elisa & Max

May 2012 ruby sinatra

Elisa & Max is a website for a wedding. The couple needed a way to easily manage their wishlist, allowing visitors to click a link to mark wishes as fulfilled. Another key feature of the application is the RSVP system: invitations were sent out with a four-letter code that allows... Read more »


Mar 2012 iphone-app bauhaus-uni-weimar

Gnomobile is an iPhone app that was built during the project “Time Machines” at Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. It is a virtual sun dial which lets you experiment with parameters that influence the look and workings of the sun dial; for example, you can change the location through a search box and... Read more »

5 Beaufort

Jan 2012 php wordpress design

5 Beaufort is a wind quintet based in Weimar, Germany. They needed a website to announce gigs and show some of their recordings. The site runs on PHP/Wordpress and gives them great flexibility in administering their content. The design is a custom wordpress template specifically designed to meet their needs.... Read more »

MR Door Status

Dec 2011 ruby sinatra javascript design

MR Door Status (mrdoor.paddd.de) is a web app to check the status of the twittering door in the hackerspace Maschinenraum (MR) in Weimar. The application can be viewed in a browser but is optimized for viewing on mobile devices. Most of the content is cached on the client side in... Read more »

Praxis Dr. Gabriel

Apr 2011 ruby rails

Homepage for Munich-based alternative medicine doctors Gabriel. They needed a quick and easy solution to update texts on their homepage themselves, without having to delve through tons of menus. The page provides a dedicated admin area which allows the doctors to change all texts by writing markdown. An extension to... Read more »

Bauhaus Katalog

Oct 2010 ruby rails bauhaus-uni-weimar

The Bauhaus Katalog (katalog.bau-ha.us) was an online catalogue for the works of our fellow Bauhaus students. It aimed to provide an easy way to publish works along with their metadata, for example the medium, format, publishing date and so on. This allowed visitors to see who collaborated with whom, what... Read more »

Turbo Tutorium

Oct 2009 ruby rails design bauhaus-uni-weimar

Turbo Tutorium was a project at Bauhaus-Universität Weimar where students organized tutorials to fill the gap between theoretical and practical work. Anyone could submit their ideas and start their own tutorials, but the project quickly became too complex to handle manually. A site to overcome this was built using Ruby... Read more »


Aug 2009 php design

Website for Munich-based luxury car rental company r8-muenchen.de. In order to simplify the reservation workflow, a custom CMS was built in PHP. The CMS allows to manage rentals and gives visitors the possibility to do reservations with immediate feedback on the availability of their favorite car. Read more »