Patrick Oscity

Software Craftsman


Mar 2012 iphone-app bauhaus-uni-weimar

Gnomobile is an iPhone app that was built during the project “Time Machines” at Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. It is a virtual sun dial which lets you experiment with parameters that influence the look and workings of the sun dial; for example, you can change the location through a search box and see how a sundial would look like some place else in the world. Another button allows you to switch to solar time, disregarding time zones and other adjustments that are made to the time that is shown on our modern watches. A swipe takes you to another screen – an abstract artistic approach to the beauty of the sundial itself. The project was carried out together with Markus Postrach, who was mainly responsible for the design of the application.

In October 2012, we were awarded the university prize for excellent performance in the sciences and design for our work on this project. The app was also published to the iTunes Store (Germany) and can be accessed here:

Screenshot Screenshot